Hi Ting,

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> Hello dear all,
> the following was one of t'he documents I created for my ED application.
It took me quite some time to create it and thus it was clear for me at the
beginning that I would publish it at some time point. I struggled a long
time with myself though about when to publish it. I didn't want to publish
it as long as I was an aspirant for the position since this seems to me to
be unfair to the other candidates. And now that I am out of the run I think
it is a good time to do this. Many of you may find your own ideas reflected
in it. I think it is not surprising that ideas doesn't come from nowhere
but from the interaction of people with each other. I want to thank you all
for the thoughts you published here or elsewhere (like on Wikimania or on
meta). I didn't change the wording of the text and I know it is quite
inappropriate for this forum. And as I said before, since I am out of
competition it is quite outdated, what makes it bit of embarrassing. I
appologize for that.

Sorry to hear your update about ED pursuit.

Thanks for sharing your position/vision document.  I feel your ideas will
certainly be used in shaping movement future.

Arjuna Rao Chavala
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