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> On 16 October 2013 06:08, Srikanth Ramakrishnan <srik.r...@wikimedia.in>
> wrote:
> > Chris, as Ziko put it. Would you like a novice driver with a Learner's
> > permit to drive on a Crowded street or a High speed expressway or in a
> > deserted ground?
> > Visual Editor for newbies has caused a lot of pages to 'break' as I have
> > noticed.
> YMMV. For simple stuff it's actually great and has been wonderful for
> casual editors I've asked to try it. The problems really come on
> complicated pages.
> If they're creating completely fresh articles, I don't anticipate huge
> problems.
> If problems do happen, the VisualEditor tag is monitored closely
> enough they'll be picked up as bugs.
I think the problem when VE is turned on as default production editor on a
busy project is that it is close to impossible for the small number of
users who routinely monitor recent changes (or those who are monitoring VE)
to catch all of the problems.  Instead of just reviewing an individual
edit, we have learned that edits often had effects further down in pages,
or those that didn't really show up properly in the diff window, which
meant having to look at the entire page before determining whether there
was a problem.  As I recall, certain common errors that happened in July
were still being identified and fixed as late as mid-September on enwiki,
and we have a pretty active Recent Changes patrol and a fair number of
people monitoring VE edits.  With the much reduced load now, it is much
easier to spot these problems.

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