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> On 16 January 2014 13:02, Emmanuel Engelhart <kel...@kiwix.org> wrote:
>> Dirac, a free codec developed by the BBC, seems to be a good solution.
>> Do people have some experiences with Dirac?
> No. BBC managed to get it working dedicated machines a few years back and I
> think there is an alpha trans-coder out there but people have lost
> interest.

Indeed, it seems the development of Dirac is pretty slow/frozen :(
But, I have tested it with ffmpeg: the lossless compression seems to work.

> Theora is good enough for the no compromise on freedom mob and
> development interest is moving towards webM.

Please refer to the original question, we speak here about lossless
codecs and AFAIK neither VP8 nor Theora are lossless (or have lossless

But it seems that VP9 has one and that last month ffmpeg has started to
merge patches to support lossless VP9 transcoding... This might be the
best approach to deal with raw video material on Commons:

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