On 4 February 2014 14:03, Risker <risker...@gmail.com> wrote:
> The vast majority of users who do a lot of bot edits are still merrily
> working away on English Wikipedia.

As someone who has made around 3 million automated edits on Commons
and uploaded over 200,000 valuable educational images there, I would
love to do similar work to benefit the English Wikipedia. I do not
feel in the least bit encouraged to even try to set up a content
creation or even an uncontroversial en.wp house-keeping project in
2014 considering how much of my volunteer time would be lost it debate
any proposal there is likely to create, compared to the simplicity of
other Wikimedia projects.

Knowing what happens to anyone who becomes "of interest" and has a
large number of edits, along with the associated endless repeated
attempts to find any single problematic edit out of hundreds of
thousands of perfectly good content creation, I find the word
"merrily" a poor choice. The extraordinary case that Sam mentioned has
been a widely discussed lesson to all bot-writers, many of us
carefully do our work in a way that avoids ever attempting to put our
heads above the parapet and risk becoming targets of depressing
damaging witch-hunts, reputation ruining bad faith allegations and
extreme effectively *years*-long sanctions from those with big
hammers. So rather than "merrily" one might better chose from
"cautiously", "covertly" or even "fearfully" and "not".

Risker, out of interest, considering my long track record of useful
bot-work on Commons, would you support my proposal to let Faebot do
some sensible non-controversial work on en.wp or do you think I am a
danger to Wikimedia?

fae...@gmail.com http://j.mp/faewm

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