Hello everyone,

Wikimedia UK's board and staff have been working hard over the last few
months on our new Strategic
and we have just released the draft for community consultation. We hope
that the model we have
be of general interest to the wider wiki community, and we hope that as
many Wikimedians and other interested parties as possible will help us in
critiquing and building on it.

The model starts with our Vision and
and uses those to inform our Mission. Within the Mission, we have
identified five high-level Strategic
Goals<https://wikimedia.org.uk/wiki/Strategic_Goals> that
will help us focus our activities. For each goal, we will be measuring our
ongoing progress against a series of desired outcomes, using numerical
targets where possible and narrative measures where we are unable to track
hard numbers.

This approach should ensure that our day-to-day activities are closely
focused on our Mission, and that our 'distance travelled' charitable impact
can be tracked over the entire five year term of the plan.

Please do get involved in the discussion following the links above. There
is also a page for general feedback and comments
 The consultation period closes on 28 February 2014 with a view to the
board approving the documents at their meeting in March.

You may also be interested in a related blog post by Simon
one of the WMUK trustees who has been closely involved in this work.

Thanks in advance for your help,



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