We have often had discussions about generating texts to be used in
Wikipedia articles. The drawback of articles that are generated in this way
is that they do not get updated as more information becomes available.

The data in Wikidata is comparable with the kind of data often used in such

The first kind texts that are generated bu the Reasonator are based on the
biographic information of a person. As Johann Sebastian Bach is a great
example of the power of both Wikidata and Reasonator, I invite you to have
a look [1].

The text is completely generated based on the information in Wikidata and
Magnus is very much in the process of iterating this functionality. What I
hope you will see as a challenge is writing similar functionality for other

What I hope for is that the Wikidata development team will appreciate this
for what its potential and support it when it is found that additional
technology is needed.

[1] http://tools.wmflabs.org/reasonator/?q=Q1339
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