pheobe, concerning your motion to vote saying:
   "wikimedia foundation grows, the affiliated organisations do not grow"
   "the affiliated organisations are recommended to seek other funding
(which the foundation did try and did not succeed very well)"
i am disappointed personally by you. you as a person, you as an american,
and you as a board member of the foundation. especially about your
inability to grasp international cultural differences in terms of funding,

because "trust" is mentioned: the FAQ and the minutes are written by a
lawyer now, who has maximum 300 wikipedia edits as his lifetime
achievement.  and for sure, the decision making process is also impressive
nowadays: first somebody decides, then it is consulted with a couple of
people (affcom, FDC), and the feedback is used only use it to phrase the
FAQ about the decision. sometimes i think you people are from outer space ;)


On Tue, Feb 11, 2014 at 6:33 AM, phoebe ayers <> wrote:

> Hi all,
> I want to draw your attention to two Wikimedia Board of Trustees decisions
> that were recently published, regarding funds allocated to the FDC/Annual
> plan grant process and Board approval of chapter/thematic organization
> status. In a nutshell, the Board decided to allocate approximately the same
> amount of funding to the FDC for the next two years. The Board also decided
> that new organizations should first form as a user group and have two years
> of programmatic experience before being approved as a legally incorporated
> entity (either a chapter or thematic organization).
> The decisions are published in the meeting minutes here:
> There is also a FAQ on Meta:
> You will notice these decisions are published in the minutes for the
> November meeting. We originally took these decisions at that meeting;
> however as the FAQ explains it took us some time to talk to community
> groups, clarify our wording and write the FAQ.
> Hopefully the FAQ will answer many of your questions about these decisions;
> however, if there are other questions please do ask them, here or on the
> meta talk page. Thank you!
> for the Board,
> Phoebe
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