phoebe ayers wrote:
>The decisions are published in the meeting minutes here:
>There is also a FAQ on Meta:

Thanks for putting this together. I made a few tweaks to the FAQ; it could
still use more love (additional links, formatting cleanup, killing
abbreviations, etc.).

After reading through the FAQ, this part remains unclear to me:

We expect to be capping the allocation for FDC Annual Plan funding at
approximately its current amount, for the years 2014-15 and 2015-16.

What is the current amount? (Is that a known figure?)

And to be clear, does this Board decision include a cap on the Wikimedia
Foundation's operating budget or is that considered a separate pool of
money? I believe the total budget right now is somewhere around $45
million, but the Funds Dissemination Committee is only one piece of that
pie, right? Or does all money flow through the FDC now?

I think clarifying these two points in the FAQ might be helpful.


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