rupert THURNER wrote:
>i am disappointed personally by you. you as a person, you as an american,
>and you as a board member of the foundation.

What about Phoebe as a woman? Or Phoebe as a librarian? Or as a
brassratgirl? Horrors.

Your unnecessary hyperbole aside, I see Phoebe's role as a Wikimedia
Foundation Board of Trustees member as being a guardian and protector of
the interests of the Wikimedia Foundation. Those interests may or may not
align with those of Wikimedia or its chapters. It would help if you could
extract portions of <>
and make specific and substantive criticisms of pieces you disagree with.

Broadly, if you or anyone else is having difficulty doing
Wikimedia-related work (specifically securing funding), please feel free
to bring it up on this mailing list. There are a number of ways to receive
money from the Wikimedia Foundation, Wikimedia, or other non-profits,
depending on the type of project you're working on and your needs.

>because "trust" is mentioned: the FAQ and the minutes are written by a
>lawyer now, who has maximum 300 wikipedia edits as his lifetime

Sorry, but this seems to be nothing more than scurrilous stupidity. Say
what you will about lawyers, but this particular lawyer has over 600 edits
to the English Wikipedia and has (in conjunction with his bot) over
175,000 edits to the English Wikisource.

Play nice, Rupert.


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