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>> pheobe, concerning your motion to vote saying:
>>    "wikimedia foundation grows, the affiliated organisations do not grow"
>>    "the affiliated organisations are recommended to seek other funding
>> (which the foundation did try and did not succeed very well)"
>> i am disappointed personally by you. you as a person, you as an american,
>> and you as a board member of the foundation. especially about your
>> inability to grasp international cultural differences in terms of funding,
>> fundraising.
> I'm sorry you're disappointed in me.
>> because "trust" is mentioned: the FAQ and the minutes are written by a
>> lawyer now, who has maximum 300 wikipedia edits as his lifetime
>> achievement. <https://lists.wikimedia.org/mailman/listinfo/wikimedia-l>
> Just so it's clear -- Stephen *posted* the FAQ and minutes for us -- he
> helps out the board by posting documents and taking minutes during the
> meeting -- but the decisions, and the FAQ, were written by members of the
> board in what I can promise was a highly collaborative process :)
> That said, I find it strange that you would accuse him of anything. Not
> that it matters, but in his free time he's been volunteering with Wikipedia
> events, coding and editing for years. Regardless, though, he was just doing
> his job here -- as requested *by the board*, and specifically by me  -- so
> please lay off the criticism of him. I have nothing but respect for our
> ultra-hard-working LCA team.
> -- phoebe
> Also, I just have to point out, having lots of edits is obviously no
guarantee of wisdom anyway -- I have 20K edits under my belt, and you still
think I make terrible decisions :)

-- phoebe

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