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  makes the FDC kind of powerless, having to face him over the next 2 year with 
really hard decisions about really limiting the allocation for the
chapters, without of course, having enough time, knowledge or resources for
them to prepare for self fundraising.
FDC is a subcommittee to the Board and our prime input is the directives and guidelines from the Board and the FDC framework. This decision does not change this or the role or work of FDC. And limiting allocation we have already done in three Rounds ;)

I personally am not happy with this decision, mainly because it, as it is written, seems to limit the possibilities of growth in new and emerging entities that can give results with good impact for the movement locally. But it is nine months until it will come into actual effect and with some clever thinking and discussion among all of us, I think it would be possible to come to allocations that will mean a "cap" on growth at the same time as we can give proper support to the newer entities


On Tue, Feb 11, 2014 at 7:33 AM, phoebe ayers <> wrote:

Hi all,

I want to draw your attention to two Wikimedia Board of Trustees decisions
that were recently published, regarding funds allocated to the FDC/Annual
plan grant process and Board approval of chapter/thematic organization
status. In a nutshell, the Board decided to allocate approximately the same
amount of funding to the FDC for the next two years. The Board also decided
that new organizations should first form as a user group and have two years
of programmatic experience before being approved as a legally incorporated
entity (either a chapter or thematic organization).

The decisions are published in the meeting minutes here:

There is also a FAQ on Meta:

You will notice these decisions are published in the minutes for the
November meeting. We originally took these decisions at that meeting;
however as the FAQ explains it took us some time to talk to community
groups, clarify our wording and write the FAQ.

Hopefully the FAQ will answer many of your questions about these decisions;
however, if there are other questions please do ask them, here or on the
meta talk page. Thank you!

for the Board,
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