I think perhaps this "financial benefit" discussion has taken us a bit
off track.  This thread has a wealth of well-informed commentary, the
majority of it coming from volunteers; for most, any "financial"
benefit is the result of expenses being (partially) covered to carry
out these volunteer activities.

Perhaps the point that Nathan might be trying to make is that it is
useful for everyone involved in these wide-ranging discussions to
understand each other's relative experience.  For example, it would be
helpful to interpret Cynthia's and Lodewijk's comments knowing that
they are members of the Affiliations Committee. That is not to suggest
that their opinions should be discounted; in fact, quite the opposite.
They are opinions that have been informed by the fact of their
committee membership, although of course they are speaking for
themselves and not the committee as a whole. I will note as an aside
that I was aware they were both on some relevant committee, but it
took some digging to figure out which one.

Similarly, those who hold executive roles with chapters, or are
members of the FDC or other global or local groups that would be
affected by these decisions, are able to share their knowledge from
those experiences.


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