I agree this has gotten us off-track. I generally try to at least
acknowledge my roles and conflicts in at least a PS - although I sometimes

All of that said, it seems this sidetrack happened because there was a
sense some people were concerned about the cap because they want more money
or may subconsciously have that motive. I think that's oversimplifies
people's concerns.

I would suggest if the disclaimer conversation does not feel resolved, it
be taken to a new thread.

-greg aka varnent
PS. Views and opinions do not reflect any of my AffCom or WM related roles.

On Wed, Feb 12, 2014 at 10:40 AM, Risker <risker...@gmail.com> wrote:

> I think perhaps this "financial benefit" discussion has taken us a bit
> off track.  This thread has a wealth of well-informed commentary, the
> majority of it coming from volunteers; for most, any "financial"
> benefit is the result of expenses being (partially) covered to carry
> out these volunteer activities.
> Perhaps the point that Nathan might be trying to make is that it is
> useful for everyone involved in these wide-ranging discussions to
> understand each other's relative experience.  For example, it would be
> helpful to interpret Cynthia's and Lodewijk's comments knowing that
> they are members of the Affiliations Committee. That is not to suggest
> that their opinions should be discounted; in fact, quite the opposite.
> They are opinions that have been informed by the fact of their
> committee membership, although of course they are speaking for
> themselves and not the committee as a whole. I will note as an aside
> that I was aware they were both on some relevant committee, but it
> took some digging to figure out which one.
> Similarly, those who hold executive roles with chapters, or are
> members of the FDC or other global or local groups that would be
> affected by these decisions, are able to share their knowledge from
> those experiences.
> Risker/Anne
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