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On Wed, Feb 12, 2014 at 11:59 PM, Gregory Varnum

> Phoebe,
> I appreciate you sharing this information - it fills in a few gaps.  I am
> still concerned that there was not more opportunity for input prior to the
> decision - and that everyone was clearly not on the same page about what
> was going to be discussed exactly.

I take your point about wanting more formal committee consultation, for
sure, and in hindsight I agree we should have done things differently. (I
think writing comments would probably work better logistically than skyping
folks in, just for logistical and stylistic reasons, but it's an
interesting thought -- perhaps worth a try).

> Regarding your earlier comments on the funding. I recognize that there are
> options beyond FDC - however it seems to send mixed messages. Also, did the
> board discuss capping the other WMF funding options?


> I still think there is
> confusion over the incorporated user group concerns - but I will keep that
> conversation on Meta.

I just posted a reply on meta about this, that hopefully will clear up some
concerns. Short answer: if you need to incorporate in your country for
whatever reason, go ahead and incorporate. You just don't *have* to for
wikimedia recognition.

> Finally, can you speak to any changes the board may
> be making in future processes and if the community or at least committees
> will have more input on these types of decisions?

Hmm. I know there is a desire to talk about movement roles strategy in
general among several trustees, so we may well talk about related issues,
but I don't know if that will be on a meeting agenda in the near future,
and we don't have any decisions planned that I know of (though of course
issues may be raised that aren't on the agenda now). The April meeting will
hopefully mostly be adjusting/approving the annual plan and working on the
shift to a new executive director, especially if they are hired and
available by then.

-- Phoebe
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