Hi all,

First of all, thanks a lot for the many good wishes that I received on- and
offline. Let me answer some of the questions that came up in this thread.

(1) WMF grant money

The Wiki Education Foundation received a grant to get things off the ground
last year as part of the Projects and Events Grants process. The Wiki
Education Foundation has already reached out to a major donor in the United
States and is confident to get third-party funding in place by the second
quarter of this year.

(2) Office space

One of the first things on my to do list will be to start looking for
office space in San Francisco. From February 18th on, I plan to work out of
my living room (yes, my wife knows).

(3) Recognition

At this point, the Wiki Education Foundation would like to focus on
programmatic work. Like many organizations that are not formally recognized
Wikimedia organizations, we will be part of the global free knowledge
community. We look forward to participating in various education and free
information events consistent with our mission, including through
participation at Wikimania and working closely with like-minded groups
within the United States, Canada and other countries.


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