Hi all,

Frank, congratulations on the new job. :-) Can I ask for a clarification on the 
funding situation please?

> (1) WMF grant money
> The Wiki Education Foundation received a grant to get things off the ground
> last year as part of the Projects and Events Grants process. The Wiki
> Education Foundation has already reached out to a major donor in the United
> States and is confident to get third-party funding in place by the second
> quarter of this year.

Are you anticipating that direct donors will be able to support all of WEF’s 
future funding needs, or might you be applying to GAC or FDC for funding in the 

I’d also like to echo Andy’s question:
> ...why isn't this called "The Wiki Education North America
> Foundation,", or suchlike?

as that would seem to be a more natural name for the organisation (unless it 
has international intentions?), and would help avoid the confusion between 
‘WEF’ and ‘WMF’.

Also, as a general question to those involved, the announcement Q&A says: "He 
was chosen by the Board of the Wiki Education Foundation in a process that 
began in late 2013 and concluded in February 2014.” Please could more details 
of that process be shared? What was the process, how was it structured, and who 
was involved in it?

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