Having led an all day workshop with different GLAM organizations in
Cornwall, fresh in my mind are the stories of woe from respected
museum professionals who have run into hot water on the English
Wikipedia by creating "official" looking accounts to make edits for
their institution and/or using material from their websites, including
material that they personally published.

Whatever happens to the TOU, we do need to create extremely easy to
understand guidance for GLAM professionals, preferably at the time of
account creation and initial edits.

The current system is not only confusing, but is an active deterrent,
at times permanently, for volunteers and professionals wanting to help
Wikipedia with their expertise and leaves these type of contributors a
bit embarrassed, feeling they have done something wrong and treated
like a spammer, when they are exactly the types of good faith
contributors that should be nurtured and prove invaluable for open
knowledge content creation with a small amount of support from us.

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