phoebe ayers skrev 2014-02-20 21:28:
How do you seeing this as a restriction on contribution? As it is proposed
it's not saying edits will be rejected, only that contributors who are paid
to edit should note this on their userpage or in edit summaries. I think
that every edit would still be subject to the same kind of editorial
scrutiny that happens now.
As I said we would be happy to have this as a guideline (we actually recommend companies to do this already and many present themself this way already)

But if we would start threating these users not to be welcome if they do not do this presentation it would make our cooperation worse and send some of them away. And even more if some of us by misunderstanding the mandatory writing started to threaten the big greyscale paid editors (glam people, big organizations - not being commercial compaines etc) it would really send a lot of valuable contributers away (and the paid editor are in general much better in proving sources... then unexperienced volunteers)

Also I think a mandatory rule like this would be taken negative by the general public in Sweden, where good cooperation between different categories of people always is seen as an ideal, and everthing hindering a cooperation built on trust (but also transparency) is seen as negative


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