Welcome, Anna.
We will very pleased in work together, as Mexico and Argentina are working
since three years.

Best regards.

2014-02-21 15:49 GMT-06:00 Galileo Vidoni <gali...@gmail.com>:

> Dear movement fellows,
> I'm pleased to announce that Wikimedia Argentina has a new Executive
> Director. Please welcome Anna Torres Adell to our movement!
> Anna was born in Barcelona but settled in Buenos Aires a couple of years
> ago. She is a licentiate in Political Science for the Universitat Pompeu
> Fabra and has post-graduate studies in International Cooperation;
> Management and Control of Public Policies; and Local Development and the
> Social Economy.
> She developed an interest on international cooperation and social matters
> since her teens, helping establish an educational NGO in Guatemala when she
> was just over 20. She has since lived and worked in Spain, México,
> Guatemala and Argentina. Before joining us at Wikimedia Argentina, Anna was
> the ED of PROEM Foundation, an organization aimed at coaching small
> businesses. Anna's track record also includes working with AECID, the
> Spanish agency for international cooperation, and the United Nations
> Development Fund for Women (UNIFEM).
> She has extensive knowledge and experience in the five dimensions that we
> cared the most when recruiting: commitment with the social goal of free
> knowledge, working with volunteers, administration, program management and
> funding.
> Selecting Anna was not easy, but not because we couldn't find the right
> person: We had just too much good EDs we wanted to hire! Thankfully we
> could choose from an important pool of candidates and proceed to evaluate
> thoroughly each one of them. We received over 100 applications, of which
> not less than half were pertinent. We gave all of them a score and made
> successive filtering stages before arriving to the eight people we
> interviewed in person over the last days.
> As you may have read on this list back in January, our decision to hire a
> new ED has to do with Osmar leaving us to return to his home country. Let
> me highlight that this good news could not have been possible without
> Osmar's work and commitment. Not only he helped designing the work
> description for his replacement, but he also participated in the recruiting
> and hiring process.
> We are extremely grateful to all what he has done to advance our mission in
> Wikimedia Argentina, and while we are certainly saddened to see him go we
> know that both he and us are doing everything possible to leave the
> organization on track and in good hands. Programmatic work will not suffer
> from this leadership change; if any, we as Board will ensure it gets
> reinforced.
> Anna will formally start working with us on March 1, and throughout all of
> that month Osmar will continue with us in Benedict fashion as "ED emeritus"
> to ensure that all the necessary knowledge, proceedings and contacts are
> transferred from one administration to another. We are glad to have
> achieved this level of stability as an organization, and we'd love to
> spread the word about this happy and smooth transition in the
> WikimediaConference with whoever wants to hear us :).
> We asked Osmar to be one of our representatives in Berlin as his last act
> of service, so it will also be a nice opportunity for you to meet him. In
> the meantime, please welcome Anna to the Wikimedia movement and to this
> mailing list!
> Best regards,
> *Galileo Vidoni*
> Presidente
> A. C. Wikimedia Argentina
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