> Many years ago, the editors of the Spanish Wikipedia decided to close the
> possibility to directly host images, choosing instead to use Wikimedia
> Commons. If we miss the opportunity to find a workaround that saves
> hundreds of thousands of images from an unrequested deletion that hurts our
> very mission, Wikipedia editors could ultimately evaluate reversing that
> decision, reopening "project-hosted" uploads just to avoid the restrictive
> and exclusionary URAA interpretation that Wikimedia Commons has been
> sustaining against the Foundation's political and legal advice. That would
> be far from being an optimal outcome.

The french version of Wikipedia <http://fr.wikipedia.org> is already doing 
that by keeping pictures of recent buildings that got erased from Commons. So 
I think you should do exactly the same and keep all those documents in your 
local Wikipedia until they become Free enough for Commons.

If you can read french, the decision is here :

Best regards.

Lionel Allorge
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