2014-02-26 16:01 GMT+05:30 David Gerard <dger...@gmail.com>:

> On 24 February 2014 20:51, Galileo Vidoni <gali...@gmail.com> wrote:
> > However, over the last months certain Wikimedia Commons administrators
> have
> > conducted massive deletions of these contents, in many cases involving
> > entire categories. The burden of proof has been inverted: instead of
> having
> > to justify the deletion of a certain file, things go that volunteers have
> > to devout their time trying to justify the validity of their efforts.
> This
> > has caused great damage, not only by way of our readers loosing access to
> > free educational contents, but also de-motivating many editors and
> > volunteers by making them feel that their efforts are ultimately vain and
> > that our goal of free knowledge for everyone is being replaced by a
> certain
> > legal fetishism whose reason gets lost in processes and misses the
> outcome.
> This strongly suggests that URAA is a good reason to deprecate
> Commons, and have language wikis self-host images that fail the more
> unduly stringent requirements Commons is manifesting these days.

If only some Commons admins were not pursuing a political campaign to
delete all these under false pretences, everything would be much better.


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