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> Dear movement fellows,
> Wikimedia Argentina would like to express its support for the letter by
> Wikimedia Israel regarding URAA-motivated massive content deletions in
> Wikimedia Commons. Yet, we would like to express our view not only to the
> Foundation BoT but also to all Wikimedia editors, and especially to those
> working in Wikimedia Commons.
> Volunteers from Argentina have been among the most affected by the policy
> adopted by Wikimedia Commons administrators regarding images that could
> fall under URAA copyright provisions. Argentine copyright law provides that
> images enter the public domain "only" 25 years after their production and
> 20 after their first documented publication.

You really should cite the relevant law if you want commons to pay
attention to you.

Okey I get that the 20 years come from Article 34 but I'm not sure where
the 25 years comes from.

> This relatively generous
> criterion has enabled unaffiliated volunteers and we as Wikimedia Argentina
> to enrich Commons with hundreds of thousands of historical images that are
> absolutely free under Argentine law: images of the political and every day
> life of the country, of its culture, of its popular idols, of its joyful
> and dark days, of its customs and architecture.

Absolutely free? Not so. Due to Article 31 pretty much any photo that shows
a person who hasn't been dead for 20 years isn't free (this is a side
effect of Argentina going for a rather extreme form of personality rights)

I'd also advise you against hosting locally. Under Article 72 bis (d)
copyright violations can carry a prison sentence.

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