And what about the [apparently lack of] self-criticism of some Commons sysops/admins?

I think being able to accept criticism and moreover being able to say "hey, somebody is questioning what we do. Why would that be?" instead of plainly rejecting any questioning, is one essential part of civility..


El 27/02/2014 09:19 p.m., Pierre-Selim escribió:
Still no explanation (nor appologies) on usage of inappropriate wording
towards volunteer by the board of Wikimedia Argentina.

It quite amazing when almost all projects have policies on civility ...

2014-02-27 0:24 GMT+01:00 geni <>:

On 26 February 2014 22:39, Galileo Vidoni <> wrote:

[Sorry for this excurse]

Dear Geni, the 20 years indeed come from article 24 of law 11 723. The 25
years come from the Berne Convention.

But that merely established a minimum under international law. Unless you
have some case law that says otherwise I'd suggest that article 6 applies
to unpublished photographs which results in an effective term of life+10
for unpublished photographs (although life+30 could be gained through
careful timing of publication).

In any case, Argentine copyright law
is already known and documented in Commons, and we have been using a
specific template (PD-AR-Photo) for years.

See the last section of the template talk page which covers some of the
issues the template has with US law. I'm afraid years of use doesn't mean
that it has been reviewed by common's more serious copyright nerds.

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