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> You're justifying the observed, serious problems with current actions
> by saying "but they should work in theory!"
No. Its more that they are features rather than problems.

There have always been images hosted locally that commons won't touch. The
English Wikipedia fair use stuff is probably the best known but the polish
wikinews also has an Exemption Doctrine Policy. Other projects are free to
file them per Resolution:Licensing policy. Of course it could be
interesting to watch them try and argue that such images are PD under US
law but that at the end of the day between them and the foundation.

Commons provides the base-load of free images. If projects want to use
unfree images then they need to do that locally taking their language norms
into account.

The trouble is that
> (a) there's no natural limit of caution - we could question every
> single file on Commons and require OTRS for every single one *years*
> after the fact (as is happening with many of the files the current
> issue is about) - but we don't. Why is that?

Because we have no particular reason to believe they violate US copyright

> (b) the Commons community has already gone way past the limits *the
> WMF has explicitly said are fully OK*.
The WMF have said no such thing.

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