On 03/03/2014 12:50 AM, Pau Giner wrote:
> The video, in Catalan, can be viewed at
> http://www.tv3.cat/videos/4930191/30%2520minuts%253A%2520VIQUIPEDISTES

Yes, thank you!

The documentary was good but, as a whole, more Catalan-centric than I
personally expected. Still, the ca.wiki community has started to discuss
the possibility to cut the documentary in "capsules", and then some of
those might become very good introductions for just anybody interested
in how Wikipedia works. No specific plans yet.

The producers did a good job at compiling diverse perspectives and focus
areas: how some editors started with a first edit, how veteran editors
work on top quality articles with references, how admins deal with
vandalism, neutrality and different views in different languages, GLAM
and the photographers, community meetings, WMF and the state-based
chapters vs language-based projects, the role of public libraries and
museums as educators, content creators and gender gap shifters, the
views from the academia...

One recurrent topic was the massive use of Wikipedia among young
students, with funny scenes at class when the kids laugh because their
works use basically the same sentences, all copied in a single stroke
from the same articles. How the teacher encourages them to use Wikipedia
but find your own words to express those ideas, where researchers think
that all this is heading to...

They also interviewed the guy that created the first article in ca.wiki,
which happened to be the first article in a language other than English
 -- https://ca.wikipedia.org/wiki/%C3%80bac . It was interesting to hear
from him that one day the text-based Wikipedia will be history because
most probably learning will be based in media. It kept me thinking
whether it will be still the Wikimedia community who will ride that
wave, or someone else with fresh ideas and without the legacy and
community burdens we have...

Anyway, at least Amical and ca.wiki have now very good audiovisual
materials that will help them a lot reaching out to new contributors and
explaining to them all the things we do here.

> On Fri, Feb 28, 2014 at 5:54 PM, Quim Gil <q...@wikimedia.org> wrote:
>> (Stepping out of my WMF tech role, wearing my ca.wiki volunteering hat.)
>> This Sunday the program "30 minuts" of TV3 (top TV channel in Catalan)
>> will broadcast a documentary about "Wikipedistes". Yes, it has a small
>> audience compared to US prime time, but in terms of Catalan audience you
>> probably can't go more prime time than that without being ''indecent''
>> or wearing a FC Barcelona shirt.  :)
>> http://www.tv3.cat/30minuts/en
>> What is more important, this veteran program keeps very high standards
>> in journalism and TV reporting. The two previews being aired these days
>> are promising:
>> http://www.tv3.cat/30minuts/proper
>> Any single editor appearing in these trailers has been already contacted
>> by friends and relatives ("Hey, I saw you on TV!!!"), and the ca.wiki /
>> Amical Wikimedia supporters can't wait to watch the full version.
>> The documentary will be available online. If it is as good as the
>> average "30 minuts" documentaries are, we {{Who}} might think of a way
>> to get it subtitled in English. They have an archive of programs with
>> English subtitles (see the first link), but with all the budget cuts
>> public TV is facing I don't know how much resources would they have for
>> translating "Wikipedistes", even if the idea makes sense. Crowdsourcing?
>> Anyway, more if/when the documentary is good.
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