In response to some community comments on the proposed amendment to the
Terms of Use on undisclosed paid edits, the WMF's LCA team has suggested
two optional changes to the scope of the amendment. The aim is to address
concerns regarding reactions against editors who are suspected of violating
the disclosure requirements, and protecting good-faith contributors (such
as professors, students, and Wikipedians in Residence). These options are
not mutually exclusive - both of them, either, or neither could be adopted,
depending on your input.

These new options are available in English, Spanish, French, German,
Italian, and other languages.

Please review these options on the Terms of Use amendment page:

And please share comments or feedback in this discussion page:

Many thanks for everyone's participation in the ongoing discussion on the
Terms of Use amendment.

Stephen Laporte

Stephen LaPorte
Legal Counsel
Wikimedia Foundation

*For legal reasons, I may only serve as an attorney for the Wikimedia
Foundation. This means I may not give legal advice to or serve as a lawyer
for community members, volunteers, or staff members in their personal
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