As one of the organisers of the workshop, I feel I ought to chime in here.

If I remember correctly, those remarks were made as a passing comment in a
very emotional session about the role of movement organisations. I don't
believe anyone present took them to heart.

Indeed, the vast majority of people at the workshop were Wikimedians who'd
recently been elected to Chapter boards, who have strong roots in the
community and are starting to get to grips with how to run an organisation!

I'd certainly suggest people read Steffen's blog post (even if through
google translate) or indeed the minutes of the workshop, for a bit more



On Mon, Apr 7, 2014 at 10:03 AM, Tomasz W. Kozlowski <
> wrote:

> This week's issue of the English Wikipedia Signpost delivers mildly
> shocking news about the opinion of a "prominent female Wikimedian (...)
> about the meaning of the movement and the role of the chapters" as
> expressed during the Boards training workshop that took place between March
> 1-2 in London.
> The Wikimedian is quoted by the treasurer of Wikimedia Deutschland,
> Steffen Prößdorf, as saying: "if we can buy free knowledge, we should do
> that [and] just forget about the communities" and "Fuck the community, who
> cares."
> I understand that the identity of the person will remain secret, given
> that there is no public list of attendees of the workshop, so let me just
> say that the idea that chapters can "fuck the community" is absolutely
> unacceptable and should by rejected by all chapters immediately.
> Read more at:
> * <
> Signpost/2014-04-02/News_and_notes>
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> ist-der-zweck-von-wikimedia-deutschland/>
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