Hey all!

As  I have been helping out with wikipedias from time to time, here my
5 cent:

@Fae:  I  do  not  think  that  it  is  within the spirit of the Nolan
Principles  to  break  a  promise given to participants... there is no
trade-off    possible    between   the   principles for the principles
(Leadership, Honesty, Integrity  Selflessness Objectivity vs Openness,
Accountability ?!).   That  is,   after   all   the   basic   concept  of
principles  -  that  they  are even followed when you don't want to or
like to. 

@discussion culture: To get to a decision, everyone must be allowed to
express  her/or  himself in a discussion without fearing repercussions
afterwards   -   otherwise  you  just  get  yes-people  who  will  not
participate   or   worse,   tell  you what you want to hear. Why it is
important to say something stupid like "fuck the community" is because
it came right from the inside, without prior going through a filter...
with   this   reaction  people will filter and you will not only loose
dumb but also intelligent contributions.

@future  (sarcasm  warning):   if   you   do  not  wish  this  sort of
comments,  just  say  so in a  general   sense - YES, it's possible to
get the message across without a  witch/wizard  hunt  and  even CHANGE
the  rules  for  the  next time... learning without burning... how the
world could have looked if this had been used more often...



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