On the other other hand, having any sort of "Chatham House Rule" in an
organisation which prides itself as having openness and transparency as one
of its core tenets......think about it people..........

Hell, we once had Oliver Keyes spouting on IRC how lowly he thinks of Jimmy
Wales (in addition to attacking other editors) and he was rewarded with a
promotion and a shout-out from Sue at Wikimania, so seriously, the
organisation has no need for any "Chatham House Rule".

What is the issue here, isn't so much the comment that was made, but the
context in which it was made. We keep hearing about context. Well give us
context guys. Surely the context isn't a secret?

Or will you all prove true Fae's comments: "corrupts the movement by
turning the "higher ranks" into an Old Boys Club who are more likely to
find ways to cover up for each other, rather than be seen to be

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