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On Thu, Apr 17, 2014 at 3:13 PM, phoebe ayers <> wrote:
> Hello everyone!
> So, to change the subject entirely, I just discovered that this is the 10
> year anniversary of foundation-l/wikimedia-l!
> Foundation-l was founded in April 2004, and was renamed to wikimedia-l two
> years ago:
> Foundation-l was originally an offshoot from wikipedia-l, which is where
> the first discussions about policies and issues on the projects were held.
> It was proposed as a separate list in order to discuss "Wikimedia-wide
> issues".
> Over the years, we have had debates on every subject under the sun. We've
> gone through high points, hammering out constructive policies and debates,
> sharing our experiences as encyclopedists and free culture enthusiasts; and
> we've gone through low points, with allegations of bad behavior flying left
> and right and people belaboring points beyond all reason. Sometimes --
> usually, in fact -- it's both at once, in different threads. The list has
> been a place to send ideas, manifestos, and information as well as a place
> to discuss with others who share our passions.
> We've debated the list and its place a lot over the years. We have talked
> about moderation, but rarely done anything with it. We've implemented
> posting limits (still in place: 30 posts/person/month); enforced posting
> limits; forgotten to enforce posting limits; talked about stricter or
> weaker limits. We've split sub-topic lists out; we've merged lists back
> together. We've debated the cost in time and energy of each email, the
> burden that being subscribed to the list means, how impossible to keep up
> it is. We've tried summaries, filters, translations. We've talked about
> languages, and tried many times (unsuccessfully to date) to make the list
> truly multilingual. We've called each other out on bad behavior, and every
> once in a while we've remembered to praise each other too.
> The list has chronicled the growth of the Wikimedia Foundation from the
> days when we celebrated raising $50,000 in the fundraiser and held the
> first board elections to today. And it has chronicled the growth of the
> Wikimedia movement, across languages and communities, and of the projects,
> as they changed from rather odd novelties to a core part of the internet.
> People on the list have come and gone. Sometimes, for months or years at a
> time, someone will post on nearly every thread and every subject. Usually
> they eventually taper off, and then someone new will take their place,
> making the rest of the subscribers wonder "how do they have so much time?!"
> For those who have been subscribed for a long time, these names are
> recognizable because of their many posts and their (in)famous dedication to
> the list. (Wouldn't it be fun if we could get those folks all together in
> person, for a Wikimania panel or something?) Many subscribers never post;
> others are able to find a balance. It is a truism that those who rarely
> post often send the most thoughtful mails.
> People have used the list to join the movement, to get to know others.
> They've also used the list to quit the movement, sometimes loudly and
> angrily, sometimes thoughtfully, sometimes silently; it is always sad when
> this happens. Sometimes, people have used the list to return (welcome back!)
> The list can be endlessly irritating. It's a source of conversation: "wow,
> the list is blowing up right now, can you believe it?!" It also can be a
> source of connection with other people who we may only know through their
> emails, and a source of joy and inventive new ideas. It is disconnected
> from the on-wiki communities, but is connected too. It serves as a place to
> share with people across our movement, when there are few general channels
> to do so. It is thousands of mails in thousands of in-boxes, over many
> years.
> The list is ours, our commons, ours to take care of and to try to make
> better. Happy anniversary, Wikimedia-l.
> -- phoebe
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