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What do you want to say with that? That it is thus no longer necessary,
gaelic to lead as an example? Wikipedia does´nt end at national borders!

Wikimedia UK however does. There is also the issue of changing political
status. While Westminister may not be overly concerned with regards to
Gaelic we can't predict how an independent Holyrood would react.

If Scotland votes for independence, it will not become a separate country until March 2016 at the earliest. Until such time WMUK is the local chapter for Scotland. It may continue to be after that time, as details of what happens to WMUK in the event of a yes vote are at present undefined, but continuing as one organisation covering both countries is a possibility. Even if it doesn't, a project started by WMUK now could easily be handed over to a Wikimedia Scotland - not unlikely with the same people at the helm.

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