On 04/21/2014 12:07 PM, Nathan wrote:
> Of the 120 staffers that don't have a "staff account", how many have
> accounts with (WMF) in the username - or accounts at all?

I honestly do not know the numbers, though I'd wager "most" is close to
reality - certainly any recent addition to the teams.

I think the confusion stems from the user right being /named/ "staff":
accounts aren't staff acounts by virtue of having the bit or not but
simply by having been created for the purpose of communicating with the
community in an 'official' function (all staffers are encouraged to
create such an account to discriminate their role from volunteer
involvement unrelated to the job).  My understanding is that you do not
keep the staff account when you leave the Foundation.

The staff userright, on the other hand, is granted and removed as needed
by the requirements of one's job at the time.

-- Marc

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