Congratulations to Wikimedia Mexico and Mexico City!

I add my voice to that of Cooper concerning the criteria of choosing the
winner for 2015. In addition to the cities that Cooper has mentioned, I
would like to know what happened with Bali's bid too.

Kind Regards,
Aya Saif El-yazal Mahfouz

On Mon, Apr 21, 2014 at 8:23 PM, Christopher Cooper <> wrote:

> Congratulations to Wikimedia Mexico and all those that helped put the bid
> together. I believe Mexico City will turn out to be a great place to host
> Wikimania and I look forward to attending.
> Regardless, I hope when appropriate, the reasons Mexico City were chosen
> and where other bids could have done better will be posted somewhere for
> digestion as done in previous years. In particular, while the bid was
> clearly lacking, it would be helpful to have an official answer to why the
> Dar es Salaam was disqualified.
> Kind regards,
> Christopher
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