On 4/21/2014 9:46 PM, Ivan Martínez wrote:
Thanks to all for your kindly regards and comments :)

Steven, concerning to the public safety, our city are different from the
known issues of the northern states of the country.
In this context, I think it's worth pointing out that one of the more likely scenarios for an incident involves attendees traveling to or from the conference. Wikimania regularly brings in people who, whether for cost reasons, side journeys, or out of enthusiasm for modes other than air travel, may not be flying directly in and out. If anyone chooses to travel overland, they would be well advised to take careful precautions as to safe routes and methods. I'm not sure how much assistance the Mexico City team can provide in that regard, but it would be good to identify resources that can help people plan their travels wisely.

--Michael Snow

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