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> No, Aya, I don't think there will be a public report - I don't think it's
> happened in previous years.
> I for one would not be happy with making my marking grid public because the
> bidders didn't know that the marking grids were going to be made public -
> and for that matter, neither did I! I am also a little worried about being
> "second-guessed" by the community at large. Imagine, *for example,* if the
> jury was split down the middle, with half hating the Mexico bid and half
> loving it: it could be very damaging for the volunteer team morale to show
> that not everyone supported them, and it might damage the conference.
> Perhaps in future it would be a good thing to do...
> However, I see where you're coming from - it would be good to have feedback
> on the individual bids for posterity's sake, and to make sure that mistakes
> or omissions aren't repeated in future...
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Maybe start by releasing the blank grid? Meta has judging criteria, but I
don't see a grid. Does the jury bottom line the grid scores and then
average them up? Maybe that "final score" by the jury as a whole could be
released to the parties who submitted bids?
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