A few years back i came with an idea, I know wikimedia is not fond of
"advertisements" but what if we advertise wikipedia? There is a nice
big EMPTY space on the bottom left side of wikipedia.

Make a script/feature/extension which detects the person browsing the
wiki's IP and shows them a link to their country's wiki (disabled for
logged in users)....so for example if it detects the ip is from Fiji,
there will be a small advert on the left of whatever page in their
vernacular language welcoming them and asking them if they want to be
part of Wikipedia Fiji with a direct link to that language wikipedia's
main page...Google and other sites use similar methods to filter their
adverts so why not use this in a better way?

Most people are not aware of the existence of certain language wikis
and most users for whom English isn't a first language may prefer to
read article in a language they understand...


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