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> Hi Risker,
> Thanks for your thoughts.
> > Instead I suggest that the FDC seek authorization from the Board for an
> > independent third party review if it feels that there is not the
> necessary
> > ability for the FDC to produce its own assessment.
> I'm personally curious to know whether you have any suggestions of third
> parties that might be able to carry out this sort of review, considering
> the requisite knowledge of the Wikimedia movement? It might be an option
> worth thinking about in future years.
> Thanks,
> Mike

Quite bluntly, the WMF shouldn't be asking the FDC to review a plan that
does not include a request for funds: it is outside of the FDC mandate,
which is to recommend the disbursement of a specific funding envelope using
specific criteria.  I would have hoped that the FDC would have the courage
to say "no, sorry, this is outside our scope", but I understand that it's
hard to step away from such a juicy-looking opportunity.

However, having accepted the validity of the "proposal", the FDC does not
have the authority to delegate its role.  If it is unable to carry out the
task effectively within its own group and structure, it should either be
refusing the task, or it should be reporting to the Board of Trustees that
it is unable to carry out the requested tasks with respect to the WMF.  It
should not be contracting with one of its own supplicants to review the
proposal of another, particularly when there are obvious conflicts of
interest involved.  The lack of recognition of that conflict of interest on
the part of the FDC is a very serious matter, and raises doubts about the
impartiality of the FDC as a whole.  It's all well and good for your
members to step out of the room while discussing certain applications, but
with 4 of 9 FDC members being directly affiliated with supplicant groups,
your standards for avoidance of conflict of interest need to be
significantly stronger.  There was good reason for concern that the FDC is
becoming a self-dealing group without this delegation of responsibility.

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