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> Nemo, my position is that it shouldn't be being done at all because the
> request is outside of the FDC's scope, and that assessment is done, then
> community assessment will be more useful than a quasi-official, partial
> assessment by a conflicted group that isn't "staff", has no experience
> using the analytical metrics, and doesn't have the wherewithal to do a
> complete the full assessment.  The FDC does not have its own staff; it has
> WMF staff appointed to assist them by creating staff assessments, in accord
> with the FDC structure approved by the Board.  The FDC doesn't get to pick
> who does the assessments.

Risker, I understand your view. However, we believe that there is value in
having a spectrum of views, and also in not putting WMF staff in a position
where they assess a project which includes their own department. WMDE staff
has a lot of experience in using different metrics, and understands our
movement. The FDC can request any the movement stakeholders specifically
for comments, and so it did.


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