Thanks Chris.

Interesting you chose to link to my unfinished peer review with WMEE,
considering you asked me to halt my inter-chapter governance
activities when you were the Chair of WMUK. If you think it is a good
idea to allow me to finish the peer reviews I started, perhaps you
should check with the board of WMUK so that I am can "officially"
approach those involved to see if they think it would be worthwhile.


On 27/04/2014, Chris Keating <> wrote:
> Hi all,
> I've started a page on Meta which I hope will act as a hub for
> documentation and ideas around the training and development needs of
> Wikimedia movement organisations:
> I'd ask anyone who's interested in this kind of thing to have a look and
> add examples and thoughts for the future.
> As many people will know from my contributions to this year's and last
> year's Wikimedia conference, or from the training workshop we held in
> London in early March, this is an issue where I feel the movement (or, at
> least, the part of the movement that is involved in movement
> organisations!) can and should do better.
> I was interested to read the Signpost coverage of the Wikimedia
> Conference(1) which evidently comes from a similar point of view!
> We are slightly hampered by the fact that there is no single body
> responsible for doing this kind of training and development work, so I
> would invite everyone with a stake in this (WMF, FDC, AffCom, Chapters,
> Thorgs, User Groups, interested individuals) to treat this as something
> where everyone can play a role in sharing experience, scoping out the way
> forward, and building a better way of doing this for the future!
> Regards,
> Chris
> (1)

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