On 05/07/2014 10:47 PM, Tyler Romeo wrote:
> One interesting idea might be what Reddit does:
> For a moderator of a subreddit, whenever they make a post it just appears
> normally. However, after posting they can choose to "officiate" it. All
> that does is highlight their username a different color and indicates they
> are acting in their position as moderator rather than a regular user.
> This idea could be applied to edits in core, and maybe posts in Flow. WMF
> employees in a special user group could make an edit, and then press a
> button on the history page to highlight that as an "official" edit.

A similar proposal for per-edit affiliation selection came up recently in
Zürich. It does sound more usable than having to log in using different

In our context it might make more sense to let the user select the
affiliation at save time though, rather than making it an extra step after save.


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