David Gerard wrote:
>I'll be leaving Commons categorisation until it's tags rather than
>ridiculously specific subcategories.

Commons has tags right now: they're called categories. Or is there a
distinction you're making? :-)

Tim and I discussed this a few weeks ago and I was mostly on your side,
but when he asked what would be different, I had difficulty articulating a
great response. It seems to really come down to a social problem on
Commons. Some Commoners seem to have very specific views of what
categories should be for and how they should be constructed and named. But
this isn't a technical problem, per se. Poor labeling or other interface
design problems (or outright limitations) in MediaWiki may contribute to
this problem, but is there a larger technical issue here? It seems to
primarily be a social issue, from what I've seen, not a technical issue.
I'd be interested in your thoughts on this.

There are specific features we'd like to have (such as built-in
intersections), but is there a fundamental difference between categories
and tags? Or perhaps put another way: what are we waiting for, exactly?


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