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> On 23 May 2014 13:05, Wil Sinclair <w...@wllm.com> wrote:
>> Is the following a full statement of Wikipedia's Child Protection
>> Policy, reflecting all responsibilities that the Wikipedia community
>> and the Wikimedia Foundation have taken on to protect children in all
>> of the projects they are involved with and/or sponsor?
>> https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:Child_protection
>> Are there any other *published* policies of WP or the WMF pertaining
>> to child protection that I might have missed?
>> I know that this is a very politically charged issue in the WP
>> community. I'd appreciate a high light:heat ratio if anyone has
>> comments beyond links to current policy statements.
>> Thanks!
>> ,Wil
> English Wikipedia policy:
> https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:Child_protection
> The existence of a 'formalized' policy has been a topic of heated debate
> since its creation, although there is some truth that its original form
> more or less documented existing practice at the time.
> Risker/Anne


I can guarantee you that the policy more or less as written will be implemented 
by most senior experienced admins.  It documented existing very poorly 
publicized informal practice in that regard.

There is and has been much controversy as to whether it's good, fair, 
reasonable, appropriate.

As with the responding to threats of harm essay (originally responding to 
threats of suicide, now expanded), there were considerable theory based top 
down discussions that did not resolve, followed by someone documenting what was 
actually being done most of the time and that settling is as precedent.

This is perhaps not the best process.  However, even in the absence of total 
community support on these issues, admins and arbcom and senior community 
members will act to protect individual people and the community and 
encyclopedia and foundation.  It seems to be agreed that documenting usual 
parameters for that, so people understand the usual responses, was a net 

-george william herbert

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