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> Is it correct that each project/subdomain of Wikipedia and Wikimedia
> has its own, potentially unique Child Protection Policy?

No. The meta policy at
applies to all projects and so where a local policy may exist, it must
implement the meta policy.

> How many of those policies are marked as "Proposed"?

It varies by project, where they exist.

> Are the "Proposed" policies enforced?

No. Some may be in effect due to the existence of prior policies and
working practices, often to comply with legal requirements.

> Are there projects/subdomains of Wikipedia and Wikimedia that have no
> Child Protection Policy at all?

No. The policy at meta applies across all projects.

If you intend to focus discussion in one place, rather than on
multiple projects, email lists and on non-wikimedia managed websites
at the same time, then meta would probably be a sensible place to
summarize or ask for a community consensus. As has been explained,
this has been done before, and one learning point was that by having
multiple channels, drama or even excitement may be created, but any
potentially good ideas for improvement are *far* more likely to drain
away in the sand and result in continued general dissatisfaction and

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