> Wil, no need to apologize -- nobody accused you of doing anything wrong,
> just pointed out the likely consequences of certain approaches. But I do
> think it's very likely that, given your strong connection to the Wikimedia
> Foundation, your choice to engage extensively at the Wikipediaocracy site
> will continue to generate a great deal of interest and curiosity.You may
> consider yourself a newbie, but you also have higher than normal access to
> information about Wikimedia, and -- like it or not -- your actions will
> surely be received by some as providing a window into how the Wikimedia
> Foundation is building its understanding of its community.
> Pete
> [[User:Peteforsyth]] on English Wikipedia etc.

I'd love to explain why I participate on Wikipediocracy, as well as on
the Wikimedia projects. I've already explained it to the WO folks. If
you guys are interested, feel free to start another thread asking me
about it. It's OT for this thread, however.


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