I'm not against anyone participating in any site that criticizes or mocks
Wikipedia or the WMF. But I do get the sense that Wil is jumping into his
wife's new territory with both feet, and not necessarily taking the ginger
approach to the most controversial issues that have confronted the

Wil - the aversion to Wikipediocracy doesn't come from the mocking or trash
talking. You haven't experienced the history of that site (and its
predecessor) or the regular crowd there. Many of them are perfectly fine.
Some of them have done some pretty seriously fucked up things, and some
others have made themselves a persistent nuisance for no better reason than
that they can. They have certainly exposed some major scandals, and brought
insightful commentary to knotty problems. But please understand that those
who choose to avoid them aren't simply too thin-skinned to take a critical
comment or a bit of strong language.

Lastly, standard Internet comment on free speech: Your legal right to free
speech is not a protection against criticism or a limit in any other way on
what others can say to or about you.

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