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> Thanks, David, and I agree 100% that there's a lot that I can only
> learn by participating. That's one reason I'm here. :) I've also been
> uploading sound loops to Commons, and I'm working on a few new
> articles on various pet interests of mine. I think the one thing left
> that Fae suggested I do is edit a BLP, IIRC. I know that there has
> been some discussion about how to handle BLP's here and on WO. These
> particular issues seem much harder to grok without some experience, so
> I think Fae was on-point when he suggested I just dive right in.

The main thing to keep in mind is that, even when the community
members are being INFURIATING IDIOTS (and almost certainly considering
you an infuriating idiot in turn) - that what we're doing here is
actually making the world a better place, dot by dot.

- d.

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