MZMcBride wrote:
>I've read your replies and I understand what you're saying (succinctly
>summarized by you as ",Wil!=Lila&&Wil!=WMF"), but what you're saying and
>what your actions are saying seem to be in contrast. If you want to get
>involved with Wikimedia, by all means, that would be great. But getting
>involved means contributing to free educational content and the
>surrounding movement. All you have to do is be bold and just click edit,
>as they say. Until then, there will be a sizable contingency watching and
>waiting for what will come of the decision to appoint your partner as
>Executive Director of the Wikimedia Foundation and what her role and yours
>mean to the future of Wikimedia.

If nothing else, this mailing list thread can serve to teach me that I
wanted "contingent" there, not "contingency".

I also used "hierarchal" instead of "hierarchical" this month before
re-realizing that even though "hierarchal" is a real word and won't be
marked as a misspelling, it's still not the word I want. English is cruel.


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