On 25 May 2014 17:04, Wil Sinclair <w...@wllm.com> wrote:
> Besides knowing for a fact that we're not discussing anything like
> this in our family for obvious reasons, I don't know whether they are
> being discussed on Facebook or elsewhere. But I do know that they are
> being discussed quite rigorously on Wikipediocracy.
> People can even check for themselves, if they'd like: 
> http://wikipediocracy.com
> Please send me any links you have to Facebook pages, etc.
> Thanks!
> ,Wil

Seeing the partner of the WMF ED going out of his way actively to run
about on multiple public channels to support and promote
Wikipediocracy, a website owned by Gregory Kohs and which is used by
him to lobby his obsessive anti-Wikimedia yellow journalism, is
increasingly disturbing and worrying.

It would have been great had Wil taken the advice from the most
experienced long term Wikimedia volunteers and re-focused for a month
or two on gaining practical experience at volunteering on Wikimedia
projects, and in turn gaining the trust of fellow volunteers, before
attempting to single-handedly attempt to take a lead on community
politics by using the name of his parter as his calling card. Were he
writing on Wikipediocracy using the benefit of that experience, then
this would feel rather less like Wil taking his views from that site
and immediately promoting them on Wikimedia channels.

Lila Tretikov will need to work extremely hard with the (productive)
volunteer community to gain confidence in her personal judgement when
it comes to holding the future strategy for the Wikimedia Community
and remove the bad taste this political gaming is leaving behind.
Along with the inevitable suspicion that this has been a
not-very-covert ploy by Lila to jumpstart re-engineering our

Do any WMF Trustees have an opinion about these shenanigans by Wil, or
even better, Lila?

Wil - take a break away from the keyboard, and seek some sensible
advice before going yet further along the public path you are
committing yourself and Lila to. At this point, I find it had to
imagine any scenario where your actions this week turn out to have
been a clever and wise strategy for Wikimedia.


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