> Seeing the partner of the WMF ED going out of his way actively to run
> about on multiple public channels to support and promote
> Wikipediocracy, a website owned by Gregory Kohs and which is used by
> him to lobby his obsessive anti-Wikimedia yellow journalism, is
> increasingly disturbing and worrying.

You can just call me Wil. :)

> It would have been great had Wil taken the advice from the most
> experienced long term Wikimedia volunteers and re-focused for a month
> or two on gaining practical experience at volunteering on Wikimedia
> projects, and in turn gaining the trust of fellow volunteers, before
> attempting to single-handedly attempt to take a lead on community
> politics by using the name of his parter as his calling card. Were he
> writing on Wikipediocracy using the benefit of that experience, then
> this would feel rather less like Wil taking his views from that site
> and immediately promoting them on Wikimedia channels.

I have been working on that practical experience. But people keep
replying to this thread, so I keep coming back to provide what answers
I can.

Again, Fae, I really am not interested in politics. I will promote
views that I think are worth promoting anywhere I people seem
interested in them. If you aren't interested, please feel free to
ignore me. I've been hearing from quite a lot of people who are.

> Lila Tretikov will need to work extremely hard with the (productive)
> volunteer community to gain confidence in her personal judgement when
> it comes to holding the future strategy for the Wikimedia Community
> and remove the bad taste this political gaming is leaving behind.
> Along with the inevitable suspicion that this has been a
> not-very-covert ploy by Lila to jumpstart re-engineering our
> community.

Hmmm. That's a new one to me. :)

> Do any WMF Trustees have an opinion about these shenanigans by Wil, or
> even better, Lila?

I wouldn't know about that.

> Wil - take a break away from the keyboard, and seek some sensible
> advice before going yet further along the public path you are
> committing yourself and Lila to. At this point, I find it had to
> imagine any scenario where your actions this week turn out to have
> been a clever and wise strategy for Wikimedia.

Wikimedia can take care of its own strategy, as far as I'm concerned.
I appreciate the advice about the keyboard. And this conversation is
getting pretty repetitive, isn't it?


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