Welcome Rachel. Glad to have you here.

On Tue, May 27, 2014 at 5:26 PM, Erik Moeller <e...@wikimedia.org> wrote:
> Hi folks,
> It’s my great pleasure to tell you that Rachel diCerbo is joining us
> as Director of Community Engagement (Product), starting today. In this
> role, Rachel will manage the community liaison team (Keegan Peterzell,
> Sherry Snyder, Nick Wilson, and Erica Litrenta) and ensure that our
> technical projects receive community engagement support throughout
> their development.
> Rachel discovered her love for collaborative communities with
> Couchsurfing. When she joined the community in 2005, Couchsurfing was
> a small non-profit, with essential functions being filled by
> volunteers. This included responding to safety issues: staying at
> someone else’s home or hosting a stranger carries risks, some obvious,
> some less so. Rachel founded and led the community’s all-volunteer
> safety team. She was also a member of the non-profit’s Board of
> Directors from 2007-2011.
> After volunteering for two years, she joined the organization
> full-time as Head of Trust & Safety in 2008. She was responsible for
> enacting policies related to incident reporting, profile removal, and
> other safety issues, and handled any high level legal issues and
> communications related to Couchsurfing member safety. She implemented
> training, documentation, and case review processes for her team.
> As part of her role, she also directly interfaced with Couchsurfing’s
> engineering team and helped scope functionality related to safety &
> moderation. The work on the safety team also equipped her well for
> working across culture and languages, as issues would often arise
> around differing cultural sensitivities. She’s travelled to 38
> countries and lived on 5 continents.
> Prior to Couchsurfing, Rachel pursued a passion for theater while
> temping in various roles for various companies. Her additional
> interests include digital rights, women’s rights and safety worldwide,
> and scuba diving. In her spare time, she seeks to perfect her pulled
> pork recipe, sews, and reads all the things.
> Rachel is new to the community, and due to the nature of her role,
> she’ll be spending some time just learning how to edit and how things
> work in our weird & wonderful world. She’s planning a face-to-face
> meeting with her team the week of June 9th and will be attending
> WikiConference USA later this week.
> Please join me in welcoming Rachel to the Wikimedia Foundation and to
> the community.
> Warmly,
> Erik
> PS: Big thanks to everyone who’s been part of the search process, to
> the liaison team for doing awesome work in an emerging structure, and
> to Philippe, Maggie and Howie for all their work in bootstrapping the
> team, and for supporting Rachel as she steps into the role. :-)
> --
> Erik Möller
> VP of Engineering and Product Development, Wikimedia Foundation
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